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How to Paint a Needlepoint Canvas

I'm so excited to share how to paint a needlepoint canvas with you!

When I first started painting canvases I didn’t know what I was doing and couldn’t find much information to help me. I was really blessed to have a friend show me my mistakes and how to fix them. I'm excited to pass along everything I've learned.

If you'd like to paint along with the video, drag the design below onto your desktop and print at 100%. 

All of the instructions can be found in the video. But I wanted to dive into a few specifics and share some resources with you!


Use cheap ones! The needlepoint canvas is tough on brushes and they will wear out pretty quickly. You can buy a package of ten for about $10 at your local craft store. 


I like to use Americana, Folk Art, and Ceramcoat craft paints. For the apple I used Ceramcoat Hydrangea Pink 02449, Americanan True Red DA129, Ceramcoat Leaf Green 02067, and Americana Spa Blue DA277. 

When I first started painting I bought a whole bottle of fabric medium to mix into my paints. After the first canvas, I never touched it again. If you find the paint to be a little thick (which it tends become after sitting out on the plate for a while) mist it with a spray bottle or mix in a few drops of water until the consistency is easy to paint with again.  


There are so many resources for copyright free designs you can turn into canvases. The book I use in the video is called A treasury of Design for Artists and Craftsmen.


In the video I show a simplified version of my design process. I do most of my designing on an Ipad with the Procreate app and then trace and edit the outline of the design in Adobe Illustrator. These tools take time to learn and are not inexpensive, which is why I've showed you the simplified version. However, if you're looking to streamline your design process I'd love to share more of my process and tools with you! Just drop me a line. 




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