Good Morning Needlepoint

Rainbow Gallery Threads on Abigail Cecile

I'm sharing my discovery of needlepoint and beautiful needlepoint threads on Rainbow Gallery's blog. You can get a glimpse of my nearly finished Rooftops of Paris piece. Plus I'm sharing a diagram for the popcorn stitch, a gorgeous if time-consuming stitch! If you're in need of some morning reading here is the link. I hope yours is as sunny as mine!

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Blush Bouquet Hand Embroidery Kits

Blush Bouquet Embroidery Kit and Pattern Abigail Cecile

I’ve been shipping blush bouquet kits around the world (my first order was from Brazil!) and realized I never even announced their existence here on the blog. So, Blush Bouquet kits are now available through my Etsy shop! If you’re in the west Michigan area, Stitched Studio in Grand Rapids now carries my kits and iron on transfers. They are a lovely modern quilt shop, if you are into indie fabric and pattern designers they are definitely worth a stop!

So, what’s inside?

- Instruction booklet with:
In depth Instructions
Step by step photos
Embroidery Stitch Instructions
Stitch and Color Guide (detailing color, stitch, and strand amounts)

- Embroidery needle

- Iron on transfer

- Fabric (high quality embroidery linen)

- Plastic embroidery hoop

- 16 skeins of DMC stranded cotton floss

Packaged in a pretty cellophane bag (which is great if you’re giving this as a gift).

It’s been so fun packaging and sending these out into the world. If you are one of the lovely people who have purchased a kit or pattern (or stitched up one of my free patterns, available here on the blog), hashtag #abigailcecile on social media…I’d love to see what you’ve created!

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Spider Web Rose

Spider Web Rose on Abigail Cecile Blog

Have you ever ripped out embroidery even though it looked fabulous? Last summer I ‘dyed’ silk ribbon with permanent art markers then heat set the ribbon with a hot iron. All good, until I started stitching spider web roses on top of my canvas. They looked beautiful and then my fingertips started turning pink. I should have ripped them right out but the roses were so perfect! It wasn't until several months later that I saw the canvas around the ribbon turning pink. At which point I did take action. So I’m back to square one. Well, not entirely. My heart is now pretty set on a classic ribbon rose. I told a friend about my mishap and she gave me some floss to play with. Even though it’s not quite what I have in mind, I'm saving it for later (I have a binder with playing card inserts where I tuck my experimental stitching for future reference).

This is a five spoke spider web rose. The threads are Flair (a nylon thread that is like a netting) and Petite Sparkle Rays (a polyester and nylon thread with sparkle. Don’t confuse it with Sparkle Rays which is slightly wider). Both are made by Rainbow Gallery.  
I started weaving first with the Petite Sparkle Ray, switched to the Flair, and then finished again with the Petite Sparkle Ray, leaving it loose to create more of a petal shape. And that's it!

P.S. I was using Copic art markers, and I did heat set the ribbon with a hot iron. Red is a notorious color when dying but I think I’ll try Prismacolor markers next. Has anyone else tried this technique? Any failures or successes?

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Abigail Cecile Needlepoint

Do you remember in my last post (dated three months ago) how I mentioned I was back and ready to reenter the world of blogging and embroidery? Well, something even better happened! I started designing needlepoint canvases for Fleur de Paris. It’s been so much fun. My designs debuted at the TNNA winter trade show. Pretty soon they will be sold in needlepoint stores around the US. One of the funnest parts of this process has been getting feedback and comments about my work. Seeing my designs pop up on websites and on social media has been, and still is super exciting.
(If you’d like to see my full collection, here’s a link).

So what does that mean for the blog? Well, I’d love to start a series on the basics of needlepoint. It’s such a relaxing, unique form of embroidery, one that millennials haven’t seemed to have discovered yet. While hand embroidery is exploding on the crafting scene needlepoint is still pretty obscure (it’s extremely popular in certain demographics but the craft movement has not really gotten into it). The question is, can needlepoint be cool? (or beautiful, sophisticated, or even elegant?). Absolutely! There are some very hip and gorgeous designers and designs out there.
My question is, what would you like to see on this blog? Is there anything holding you back from trying needlepoint yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Abigail Cecile Needlepoint

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Finally Finished and Just Beginning

Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas

A few posts ago I shared about my new venture into the world of needlepoint canvas design. After a six month hiatus from all things blog and embroidery I’m back and excited to share my work!

If you are actually reading this blog I’m assuming you’ve done a bit of embroidery yourself and have noticed it’s pretty time consuming. I love the design process, the drawing, choosing colors, painting…. but by the time I finish one piece and get to design another it’s been months. Maybe not months but a good while. So painting canvases has been really wonderful. The end result is an embroidered piece but I don’t actually have to stitch it before designing another!! Perfect right? I have been needlepointing but taking it at a relaxed pace (I’m stitching the Paris scene sixth from the top).

I would love to hear any feedback! Which are your favorites and what you’d like to see in the future?

Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas

I'm currently stitching this little vase canvas. It's a perfect size to take along whenever I'm crafting socially.

Christmas ornaments....

Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas

The first motorcycle was actually a custom piece. It was fun and totally out of my usual style.

Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas

These next two are belts. The first I painted as a men's belt, I definitely think it goes either way though. The second was influenced by Jacobean crewelwork (which you'll see in a few other pieces as well).

Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas Abigail Cecile Needlepoint Canvas

And the last piece is an eyeglass case. I painted this right after finishing several large pieces with a lot of shading. It was nice to take a break and just paint with two colors (plus metallic paints are really fun to put on a canvas, I think I'd stitch this one myself if I needed glasses) .

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