Woven Embroidery Elbow Patch DIY

Faux Darning Elbow Patch

This tutorial is inspired by old fashioned darning and bright colored plaids. If you don’t have an old sweater that you’re looking to revamp, you can pick one up at a thrift store. I used brightly colored floss to match the brightness of the red sweater. Choose any floss that works with your sweater. I think this elbow patch would look lovely in neutrals!

I would suggest using a sweater that doesn’t have heavy cabling, unless you embroidered the elbow patch with something very thick like yarn. 

Faux Darning Elbow Patch Faux Darning Elbow Patch


Old Sweater
Blue Floss
Green Floss
Orange Floss
Sewing Thread


1.Print the elbow patch template here and cut out. 
2. After putting on the sweater, mark where the sweater sleeve hits your elbow. Take off the sweater and place the template over the mark. Pin in place. 
3. Using a needle and thread sew a quick running stitch around the template, do not pull your stitches too tight. Remove the template.
4. Thread your needle with the blue floss. Start at the top center of the oval and stitch a vertical line of running stitches, dividing the oval in half. 
5. With your green floss stitch a second vertical line of running stitches next to your first. Try to alternate the stitches with the last line (see illustration A).
6. Continue alternating between blue and green until you reach the edge of one side. Half of the oval will be filled with vertical stitching. 
7. Fill in the second half of the oval, again alternating colors. 


Use the orange floss for the horizontal lines. 
8. Starting at the side center of the oval, stitch a horizontal line of running stitches, dividing the oval in half. Work the bottom half of the oval in lines of horizontal running stitches and then the top half. 
If a horizontal stitch runs into a vertical stitch then go under the vertical stitch. This gives the elbow patch a woven feel (see illustration B).

9. Remove the thread outline.

Enjoy your new sweater! 


 It can be tricky to achieve nice tension. You don’t want to pull the stitches too tight or the sweater will pucker. However if you make your stitches too loose they won’t lie flat against the surface of the sweater. It’s all about finding a good balance!

Because of the stretchy quality of the sweater do not use a hoop for this project. 

Faux Darning Elbow Patch Faux Darning Elbow Patch Faux Darning Elbow Patch

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