The Lacis Tambour Frame

The Lacis Tambour Frame The Lacis Tambour Frame The Lacis Tambour Frame

A few posts back I mentioned I had picked up a new technique; needle turned appliqué. I'm definitely improving as I go. I'm also learning that I need new tools along the way. 

I had a lot of difficulty stitching the fern shapes. They're a bit fiddly. I didn't have enough fingers to stitch and hold the project. I had been thinking about buying a hoop stand for a while. After looking at the options I went with this stand. It has made appliqué so much easier! Read a quick review of the Lacis Tambour Frame below. 

The Lacis Tambour Frame



This frame is sturdy and stands well on its own (you can always clamp it to the table if you are an exuberant stitcher)

The angle of the hoop is perfectly adjustable 

The frame holds the hoop tightly

It frees up both hands!

Assembly is easy

If you don't screw the posts into the base as the instructions direct, you can disassemble the frame and take it with you!

Price! For twenty two dollars this is a great frame (I got mine on amazon). 


Good embroidery hoops have strong hardware (such as a washer and nut) and are mounted to a strong base. This allows you to tighten the hoop to the maximum, holding the fabric tightly and tautly. Cheap hoops will not tighten well and use pretty wimpy hardware. The hoop that comes with this stand is pretty cheap. Not the cheapest I've seen but not great. However, as I am using it for appliqué this doesn't bother me. I want the fabric to be a bit loose.

The hoop comes out of the stand completely. So I think it would be possible to buy a better hoop and use it with the stand. My only concern would be to double check the thickness of the hoop, it may not fit in the frame's hoop slot. 


All around I love this stand! It's completely worth the price, it has a nice finish, and is enjoyable to use. 

The Lacis Tambour Frame The Lacis Tambour Frame

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