Sewn Townhouse Ornament

Sewn Townhouse Ornament DIY Sewn Townhouse Ornament DIY Sewn Townhouse Ornament DIY

I waited for a long time and have finally bought an embroidery foot for my sewing machine! Now I can free motion quilt and sketch all I want. All that Christmas decorating and gift creating allows anyway. I’ve come across people who are intimated by free motion quilting. Free motion sketching is great because takes away the pressure of perfection. It’s sketching, the stitches do not have to be the same size. Or, if you missew, just go right back over…it’s supposed to look “sketchy.” 

This townhouse is inspired by Mattie Lou Okelly’s work. She was an american folk artist who’s paintings of colorful houses are have inspired me for years. The house is destined to become a garland. The garland is going to be a gift, so I can’t share a photo of the entire project until after Christmas!

In the mean time, enjoy making your own townhouse. Download the free pattern here

Sewn Townhouse Ornament DIY

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