Lacy Pumpkin Embroidery Pattern


This past week has been full of drawing and design work. After creating my first painted canvas, I've begun to really enjoy the design process. I've recently found a few new books full of illustrations and traditional designs that are keeping my head full of ideas. As I was working the other day I drew this pumpkin pattern. It has elements of the designs I am currently working on…watch this space for more acanthus leaves! I've made a color guide to go along with the pattern but the stitches are up to you! The pattern is pretty large, so that the detail of the lace doilies will be easy to stitch. Feel free to shrink or enlarge the pattern to your personal preference simply by printing below or above 100% (depending on whether you want the pattern larger or smaller). 

I usually get to see my patterns stitched up. This is the first I've put on my blog without having first worked the pattern myself. If you use it in a project hashtag #abigailcecile. I would love to see! 

Download the pattern and color guide here.


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