Italian Cityscape - Embroidered Girl

Italian Cityscape Embroidery Pattern

I’ve been stitching this project for a while, but only after it sat in my studio for ages. The problem was, it’s a large piece and I had no way to prop it up comfortably while stitching. My Mom and I heard about a sale with lots of fiber related equipment and materials. I found the perfect stand there (plus a cool wooden drafting table for my studio) and was able to finally gt started. 

A good rule for embroidery is to stitch back to front. This means thinking about the piece as if it were three dimensional. It also means I had to start off stitching a lot of neutrals. It was nice to finally add some color with the girl’s clothing. Most of the fun and colorful stitching will come last, after the buildings and architectural elements are finished. I’m just getting to the point were I get to embroider the clotheslines and potted plants!

I've unstitched the girl several times… her face three or four times, her hair twice. Wrong colors and wrong stitches were the culprit. I’m finally happy with what I’ve got. I ended up using Back Stitch as a filler for the hair. It’s the first time I’ve used it in that way, and I really like effect plus the little bit of shading.  Originally I used stem stitch to outline but it looked unnatural. Plus, it’s important to balance large areas of outline stitch with a small area of solid stitching. It adds weight compositionally to the focal point of the piece, the Italian girl.

I’ll be shading the skirt using seeding, completing the arm, and she'll be finished. Then I'll be moving on to a large potted plant!

(Italian Cityscape pt. 1)

Italian Cityscape Embroidery Pattern

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