Gathered Mini Skirt DIY

Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY

I used to have several misconceptions about sewing my own clothing. First, that it was just too hard. Second, no matter how technically well done, I could never make clothing that looked cool or fashionable. Now that I've been immersed in the sewing world I know I was wrong. Fabric designers, especially Indi designers are creating gorgeous fabric that look like it walked right out of Anthropologie. Like this fabric I found at a local quilt shop. Plus, it can't get much easier than this simple skirt. It's become a wardrobe staple. I'm planning on sewing it up in wool, now that fall is around the corner!


2/3 yd cotton fabric (Or more depending on size. See instructions below).

1" Non-Roll Elastic

Metallic Zipper (any cute zipper will do)

Sewing thread to match your fabric

Sewing thread to match you zipper

Gathered Mini Skirt DIY


This skirt is a size 6 but is easily adjustable in size and length. To adjust width; wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your waist and add about five inches (if you are adding width you will no longer be able to use the WOF). To adjust the length simply cut the rectangle longer than 22 inches. 

1. Cut a rectangle from fabric that measures 22 inches x WOF ("width of fabric" which will be around 44 inches).

Create the hem and waistband:

Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY

1. Fold the 44" side of the rectangle over half an inch and iron. Fold over again, this time 1.5 inches, iron and pin.  

2. Sew the hem, stitching a quarter inch from the inside edge. Repeat on the opposite side. You now have your hem and a tube for your waistband. 

Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY

Create the skirt:

1. Fold the rectangle in half right sides together, matching the 22 inch sides.

2. Measure 7 inches down from the top of the waistband. Mark with a pin. Pin the sides together from the marking pin down to the hem.  

3. We've left the top seven inches free to accommodate the zipper. Fold each free edge over a quarter inch, iron, then fold another quarter inch and pin in place. Sew edges from the bottom of the waistband down to the 7 inch marker pin. Do not sew over the waistband.  

4. Using a half inch seam allowance sew from the marker pin down to the bottom of the hem. Press the seam apart. 

You should now have a tube, hemmed on both sides with a v shaped opening at the top. (You can see I incorporated my selvage right into the seam allowance. If you use a 1/2 inch seam allowance this should not be a problem).

Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY Gathered Mini Skirt DIY

Insert the Elastic:

1. Insert your elastic into the waistband. Match the edge of the waistband hole to the elastic. Pin and sew in place.

2. Pull the elastic out the other side until the waistband measures about 14 inches when laid flat. Fold the elastic over the waistband, sew in place, and trim extra elastic. 

Gathered Mini Skirt DIY gathered_mini_skirt_diy_8.jpg Gathered Mini Skirt DIY

Insert the Zipper:

1. Holding your zipper, measure 7.5 inches down from the zipper slider and cut off any extra.

2. Unzip zipper 3/4 of the way. Position the Top Stop at the top of the waistband. Fold the Top Tape Ends over the waistband and pin in place.

3. Align the zipper so that the teeth jut out past the fabric. Pin each side down seven inches. Fold the remaining 1/2 inch under.

4. Using a zipper presser foot; sew along the length of the zipper twice on each side. (Adjust the placement of the pull tab as you sew; once you've sewn half the length of the zipper pull the pull tab up to the top so it's out of your way).

Gathered Mini Skirt DIY

Style however you love! I like it best paired with a loose T tucked in and sandals. 

Thanks to my sister for modeling!

Gathered Mini Skirt DIY

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