Folk Bird Ornament DIY

Folk Bird Ornament DIY

I’ve been making these birds for years. At first I used a pattern that I found in an adorable book. But somewhere along the line, I stopped using a pattern and it morphed into something completely new!

These instructions are for my basic bird but it's easy to change the style by using a variety of colors and motifs. One of my favorites is a red and blue Scandinavian bird with hearts instead of flowers.

These birds are relatively fast to stitch up which make them the perfect little gift! They go wonderfully with a special note. 

Folk Bird Ornament DIY

Materials and Tools

Wool felt in 2 different colors

Cotton Floss in 3 different colors

Embroidery Needle

Needle with an extra large eye


Three 10 inch pieces of cotton floss

Pattern (click here)

Folk Bird Ornament DIY


Download the pattern and print it at 100%

1. Using the pattern and wool felt, cut out two bird bodies and two wings. 

2. Stitch three french knots at the base of each wing, leaving enough room for the petals. Make sure you stitch a wing for the left side and a wing for the right side, so that you don't end up with two right wings or two left wings. 

3. Stitch eight lazy daisys around the french knots to form the flower. Using another color, stitch a single lazy daisy coming out of the petals to create a leaf. 

4. Stitch a Blanket Stitch around the edge of the wings. 

5. Attach the wing to the body, without stitching entirely through the wool of the wing. 

6. Stitch a single french knot for the eye. Wrap the needle at least several times while creating the French Knot.

7. Pin the bird pieces and sew them together using a blanket stitch. Stitch the Blanket Stitch on both sides simultaneously by drawing the needle through both layers of wool before catching the loop. Leave a gap at the bottom of the bird.

8. Stuff the bird then continue the blanket stitch to sew up the gap. 

9. Braid the three 10 inch pieces of floss together. Knot to create a loop. Using a needle with a very large eye, thread the loop, insert the needle in between a gap in the blanket stitch, come back up in the desired spot and make sure your loop is secure.

Folk Bird Ornament DIY

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