Doily Still Life - Project Update 1

Doily Still Life needlepoint canvas and stitches by Abigail Cecile

Doily Still Life is the only canvas I've painted "for myself." I originally designed it because I wanted a small canvas, something easy to stitch, easy to pack, to take with me on vacation or wherever I went. As I've stitched, this canvas turned from a relaxed project into an experimental piece (starting with the silk ribbon rose I 'dyed' with art markers which then bled onto the canvas…I did rip it out) and I'm OK with that. Actually, it's been great…

Doily Still Life needlepoint canvas and stitches by Abigail Cecile

The Doily

I love the doily's lacy effect. I started by couching the main diagonal lines of the doily using two strands of petite silk lame braid (and one strand to couch).
Then I stitched french knots all around the lace edging, also using two strands. This part threw me a bit. Because I placed the french knots over one strand of the canvas, rather than an intersection it was harder to establish a pattern. After a few tries I found a pattern I liked - take a look at the above diagram.
I then went into the diamonds created by the couching and…I'm not sure what this stitch is called, or if it is a stitch. I took a tiny stitch over one thread of the canvas (with a single strand of the braid). Then I took three more tiny stitches, creating a square around one intersection of the canvas. It's hard to explain clearly…take a look at the diagram. I also filled in the lace border with these tiny stitches, trying to keep a consistent pattern in each section.

Doily Still Life needlepoint canvas and stitches by Abigail Cecile Abigail Cecile Needlepoint - Doily Still Life Stitch

I stitched the table in basket weave (I wanted the doily to pop and stand out against the background) with three strands of splendor silk.

Doily Still Life needlepoint canvas and stitches by Abigail Cecile

The little yellow flowers are four cross stitches around a french knot. I used Kreinik and a strand of splendor silk for the cross stitches and Silk Opal for the french knots.

The leaves are stitched using straw silk and a satin stitch. I don't mind the leaves but I don't love them. If you have any great ideas (or a favorite stitch you use for leaves), let me know!
The stems are also stitched using straw silk and a stem stitch.

(I've included thread descriptions and names at the bottom of the post).

Next Steps

I started learning stump work last night! I'm so excited. It's something I've wanted to do for ages. The yellow daisy will have raised petals. I'm going to use linen as the background material instead of canvas. Then I'll stitch a long and short stitch inside. Here is my first attempt…

I'm planning to stitch beads across the entire vase.

I'll rework the failed ribbon roses.

I think it would be fun to do more stump work for the butterfly or use a charm. Any recommendations on good places to find pretty charms?

That's it for now! If you'd rather 'watch' this post - check out the video below. 

Threads I used:

Tabletop: Rainbow Gallery - Splendor - S1095
Doily: Rainbow Gallery - Petite Silk Lame Braid - SP02
Small Yellow Flowers: Kreinik - #4 very fine braid - 321J and a strand of Rainbow Gallery - Splendor - S877 for the cross stitches. Planet Earth Fiber - Silk Opal - Noon 041 for the french knots.
Leaves: Silk Road Fibers - Straw Silk - Mary Jane

- Project Update Video

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