Commission - Family Heirloom Christening Slip

Family Heirloom Christening Slip Abigail Cecile

I’m deviating from my usual bright colored post to talk about a project I recently completed.  A gal approached me about embroidering the names of her children and grandchildren onto a Christening slip that had been passed down to her. The names of her family have been added since the 1950s. It took me a bit of experimenting to figure out the perfect way to stitch such a delicate piece. I didn’t want to use a transfer pencil or fading maker as they can have a damaging effect over time. In the end I used tissue paper, time consuming but totally non damaging.

I designed the names and dates in Photoshop and afterwards adjusted them by hand to match the old names stylistically. My goal was that the top four names completely matched the bottom six. I traced the names onto acid free tissue paper with a very hard pencil, and attached them to the slip with a basting stitch. Then I embroidered the names using one strand of white cotton floss and a tiny stem stitch. Each line took my about three hours. 

It was such a great experience! This slip is the first heirloom I’ve worked on. I was so pleased to be entrusted with it, and so very pleased with the final result.

Family Heirloom Christening Slip Abigail Cecile Family Heirloom Christening Slip Abigail Cecile

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