Colorblock Jean Patch

Colorblock Jean Patch Pattern Colorblock Jean Patch Pattern Colorblock Jean Patch Pattern

Needlepoint is starting to gain popularity. What’s really cool is that, because it's a form of counted embroidery, it completely lends itself to the geometric and modern feel that is so trendy right now. Also trendy, is refashioned clothing! …My sister donated her old pair of jeans to this project. Just choose any set of five colors. Tailor the colors to your style and wardrobe. While I love color myself, I think an all neutral patch with creams and browns would be subtle and very hip.

Download the pattern and instructions here or follow below.

Colorblock Jean Patch Pattern Colorblock Jean Patch Pattern


7 x 4 inch piece of 18 count needlepoint canvas

Light to medium weight fusible interfacing

Jean sewing thread 

Pink floss (DMC 956)

Navy floss (DMC 796)

Orange floss (DMC 608)

Blue green floss (DMC 943)

Light blue floss (DMC 959)


5 inch hoop

A few tapestry needles

Sand paper

Piece of Cardboard


Small scissors


1. Place the canvas in the hoop and tighten well. It helps to have a strong hoop with good hardware for this project as the canvas is thick and stiff.  

2. Using the Stitch Guide, Color Guide, the tapestry needle, and six strands of floss, create the patch using a Balcony Stitch. A single piece of DMC floss is made up of six individual strands. Even though we are using all six strands, you still need to separate each strand, lay them back together, and then proceed to stitch. This will help your stitching to lay flat against the canvas and blend together. Separating strands is super important in achieving beautiful needlepoint! 

Colorblock Jean Patch DIY

3. Create a hole in your jeans measuring roughly 3 x 2.5 inches. Start by slipping a piece of cardboard into the leg of you jeans, behind where you want the hole to appear. Take your sandpaper and rub it forcefully against the jeans. Once the material starts to wear away use your small scissors to make the process faster. The key is to create a natural looking hole. Scissors tend to look un-natural, so use them with care, softening any cut areas with the sandpaper. Alternate between the scissors and sand paper until the hole measures about 3 x 2.5 inches. 

Colorblock Jean Patch DIY Colorblock Jean Patch DIY

4. Slip the needlepoint inside the jeans and position behind the hole. Pin in place. Using an needle and thread, attach the patch using a Back Stitch. Once you have sewn all the way around the hole, turn the jeans inside out. Trim the canvas until it is a 1/4 inch away from the Back Stitch. Cut the interfacing, so that it extends over the canvas an inch all the way around. Iron it to the back of the canvas and the inside of the jean leg. 

Colorblock Jean Patch DIY Colorblock Jean Patch Pattern

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