Color Picks no.2

Embroidery Floss Color Scheme

Another Color Picks! I picked these out a few days before heading off to Quilt Market and a tambour beading workshop. At that time there were still bright leaves on the trees and purple flowers blooming on the roadside. Not anymore. Leaves are down and flowers are gone…but who says we can't still embroider with these colors! They're not strictly autumnal either. I've mixed a few traditional fall colors with a bright pop of pink, cream, and a purple that reminds me of spring lilacs.  

Color Pick no. 2

DMC 918 (rusty red)

DMC 326 (dark pink)

DMC 3706 (light pink)

DMC 3853 (orange)

DMC 153 (lilac)

DMC 733 (green)

DMC 746 (cream)

Please send me a picture if you create something with this color scheme (doesn't have to be embroidery!). As always, I'd love to see it.

Embroidery Floss Color Scheme

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