Butterfly Embroidery Pattern

Butterfly Embroidery Pattern Butterfly Embroidery Pattern

I'm so excited to launch this blog! And sharing a pattern seemed like a natural first post to me. Victorian crewelwork and Colonial American motifs played a big role in this pattern's design. But I've created a modern girls version with the colors and playfulness of the pattern. 

I've been needing a new pouch for a while. Something to hold my little scissors, needles, and whatever floss I'm using at the moment. I'll be teaching a few beginning embroidery classes soon, and though I'm super excited I'm also a little nervous. What better way to boost my confidence than bring some of my own embroidery, stitched onto this pouch, along to the first class? 

Download the pattern and stitch guide here and here

Butterfly Embroidery Pattern

These are the materials I used but go ahead and use whatever fabric, colors, and thread you like best! 

Fabric (heavier in weight, I used something close to a linen twill)


Needle (I like chenille)

Cotton Floss:

2 shades of blue-green

2 shades of yellow

3 shades of pink (dark, medium, and light)

Butterfly Embroidery Pattern

(Up close images below)

1. Outline the wing tops with a split stitch. Outline the sides of the wings in a chain stitch.

2. Fill in the tops of the wings with satin stitch.

3. Stitch the flower stems on the main wing using stem stitch. Next create your flowers. Using your darkest pink fill in the bottom third of your flowers with french knots. For the middle section use your medium shade pink. And for the top use your lightest pink. For the four tiny flowers use a single french knot. 

For the leaf on the secondary wing use Couching with contrasting thread colors. 

4. Use a stem stitch to create the butterfly's antennas and feet. Outline the body in split stitch. Fill in the body using satin stitch. 

5. Add Seeding to the secondary wing + the little front wing. 

Turn your embroidery into something fantastic (maybe you are needing a new accessory pouch too!) or hang it on a wall.

Butterfly Embroidery Pattern Butterfly Embroidery Pattern

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