Bullion Knot Holly Sprig DIY

I picked out this floss a few months ago for a Christmas project. I was dying to use them, the colors and satin are so Christmasy but I was running out of time. A few nights ago I pulled them down. I had soon whipped up these holly berries using Bullion Knots and Fly stitch. It only took about ten minutes, quick for such a cute result. We are getting down to the wire, at least for homemade gift makers so this is a sweet and quick way to personalize a gift. I’m going to turn mine into a tag by sewing the linen to a rectangle of wool felt to top my Secret Santa gift this year.

Bullion Knot Holly Sprig DIY


I used DMC S915 for the berries and DMC S798 for the leaves.

1. Bring your needle up and go back down slightly to the right. 

2. Bring your needle up only half way in the same hole you originally came up in. Wrap the needle with your working thread. 

3. Holding the wraps and the needle pull the needle through the wraps and tighten. 

4. Take your needle down at the end of the bullion. 

5. Tack the bullion loop to your fabric. 

6. Create the leaves by embroidering a curved line of Fly stitch. 

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