A Busy Absence

Hello, It's been a really long time! I thought it was high time to tell you all about my new venture.

These last three months I have been completely immersed in needlepoint. Everything was put on hold, my blog, embroidery patterns I had been developing, social media, to focus on this one project. It actually feels amazing to be heading toward one goal and putting all my energy into it.

I am building a portfolio of needlepoint canvases…the long term goal is to become a needlepoint canvas designer. And I am loving it! It's such a perfect mix of my two loves, embroidery and illustration. On the side I am still stitching this project. There is definitely a difference between canvas work (the English version of needlepoint) and needlepoint, so I'm learning a lot and thanks to my friend and mentor the Paris piece is coming along pretty quickly.

I will be reentering the blogging world, embroidery pattern creation, and social media…asap. I have so many exciting ideas brewing, I'm eager to start again. For now, watch this space for a full disclosure of my new project. In the meantime, here are a few snapshots from my insta account.



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