Transfer Methods

You can transfer your pattern using a light-box or an iron-on-transfer pen/pencil.

To transfer using a light-box; tape the pattern to the light-box.  Tape your fabric right side up over the top of the pattern.  Using a fine tip air erasable marking pen, or a lead pencil, carefully outline the pattern onto the fabric.  A lead pencil may smear, so use with care.  A window may be substituted for a light-box,the steps are exactly the same. 

To transfer using an iron-on-pen/pencil; trace over the printed pattern with your iron on pen.  Cut out the pattern, leaving a half inch of paper around the design.  Make sure the traced over pattern is facing down onto the right side of the fabric.  Using a dry iron, press the iron firmly against the printed pattern until transferred. Do not move the iron back and forth across the design as this will result in blurred lines. Make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions on the packaging to transfer the design successfully with your particular iron-on-pen/pencil. 

Once you have the pattern transferred, placed in the hoop and tightened you are ready to start stitching!