Spider Web Rose

Have you ever ripped out embroidery even though it looked fabulous? Last summer I ‘dyed’ silk ribbon with permanent art markers then heat set the ribbon with a hot iron. All good, until I started stitching spider web roses on top of my canvas. They looked beautiful and then my fingertips started turning pink. I should have ripped them right out but the roses were so perfect! It wasn't until several months later that I saw the canvas around the ribbon turning pink. At which point I did take action. So I’m back to square one. Well, not entirely. My heart is now pretty set on a classic ribbon rose. I told a friend about my mishap and she gave me some floss to play with. Even though it’s not quite what I have in mind, I'm saving it for later (I have a binder with playing card inserts where I tuck my experimental stitching for future reference).

This is a five spoke spider web rose. The threads are Flair (a nylon thread that is like a netting) and Petite Sparkle Rays (a polyester and nylon thread with sparkle. Don’t confuse it with Sparkle Rays which is slightly wider). Both are made by Rainbow Gallery.  
I started weaving first with the Petite Sparkle Ray, switched to the Flair, and then finished again with the Petite Sparkle Ray, leaving it loose to create more of a petal shape. And that's it!

P.S. I was using Copic art markers, and I did heat set the ribbon with a hot iron. Red is a notorious color when dying but I think I’ll try Prismacolor markers next. Has anyone else tried this technique? Any failures or successes?