Finally Finished and Just Beginning

A few posts ago I shared about my new venture into the world of needlepoint canvas design. After a six month hiatus from all things blog and embroidery I’m back and excited to share my work!

If you are actually reading this blog I’m assuming you’ve done a bit of embroidery yourself and have noticed it’s pretty time consuming. I love the design process, the drawing, choosing colors, painting…. but by the time I finish one piece and get to design another it’s been months. Maybe not months but a good while. So painting canvases has been really wonderful. The end result is an embroidered piece but I don’t actually have to stitch it before designing another!! Perfect right? I have been needlepointing but taking it at a relaxed pace (I’m stitching the Paris scene sixth from the top).

I would love to hear any feedback! Which are your favorites and what you’d like to see in the future?

I'm currently stitching this little vase canvas. It's a perfect size to take along whenever I'm crafting socially.

Christmas ornaments....

The first motorcycle was actually a custom piece. It was fun and totally out of my usual style.

These next two are belts. The first I painted as a men's belt, I definitely think it goes either way though. The second was influenced by Jacobean crewelwork (which you'll see in a few other pieces as well).

And the last piece is an eyeglass case. I painted this right after finishing several large pieces with a lot of shading. It was nice to take a break and just paint with two colors (plus metallic paints are really fun to put on a canvas, I think I'd stitch this one myself if I needed glasses) .