Designing Napoli

Creating embroideries that are illustrative and tell a story is my love. Every once in a while I forget and need to reorient myself. I easily get sucked into designing motifs, not that motifs aren’t wonderful…but storytelling draws you in! Last week I put down a few projects I was working on and started modifying this design from a drawing I had done last year. 

I’ve just finished transferring the design to an off white cotton fabric.  It is inspired by a weekend I spent in Italy with a good friend who was living there at the time.  Plop yourself down in a southern Italian city full of narrow streets, mozzarella cheese, fancy opera boxes, fresh fruit. Stand yourself on a rooftop, looking down on a tiered city full of evening sunshine.  And there you have it. 

I’ll be posting updates as I stitch. And hopefully have this pattern in my shop asap.