Let's Go Mushrooming - Embroidery Pattern

It's Morel mushroom season here in Michigan, so I thought this pattern would be fitting. This weeks design is completely different from last week in style and theme. I love lots of different styles though! I work in a modern fabric store, surrounded by bright, gorgeous, graphic colors and designs, which I love. But there is something about pale floral calicos and earthy wools stitched together that makes my heart beat faster.

So here's one for the nature loving girl!


Coral Floss (DMC 3801)

Dark Coral Floss (DMC 304)

Peach Floss (DMC 3824)

White Floss (DMC B5200)

Light Green Floss (DMC 166)

Medium Green Floss (DMC 470)

Dark Green Floss (DMC 937)

A 8x8 inch piece of natural Linen

1. Download the pattern here and print at 100%. Transfer the pattern onto the linen (for more in depth instructions on transferring click here) . Place the linen in a small embroidery hoop. 

2. Stitch the large center mushroom first, referring to the Stitch and Color Guides. Stitch the cap using a Couching Stitch. Use four strands of the coral floss (DMC 3801) for the body of the stitch and couch using on strand of coral floss. 

3. Stitch the outline of the underside of the cap using three strands of dark coral (DMC 304) for the body of the stitch and couch using one strand of coral floss (DMC 3801).

4. Stitch the details inside the cap and the underside of the cap with a Back Stitch and two strands of peach floss (DMC 3824).

5. Stitch the outline of the stem using a Stem Stitch and two strands of white floss (DMC B5200). For the detail inside the stem use two strands of white floss and a straight stitch. 

5. Stitch a single Straight Stitch for the stems of the little mushrooms. Use three strands of white floss. Use two strands of coral floss and a satin stitch for the little mushroom caps. 

6. Stitch the moss using a combination of Back Stitch and Lazy Daisy Stitch. Use the color guide and Stitch Guide to place the light, medium, and dark greens and the Lazy Daisy Stitches. Use three strands of floss in the needle.

Sew into a simple drawstring pouch.