Spring Roundup for Embroidery Enthusiasts


I wanted to share with you all the needlework related bits and pieces that I've been enjoying lately...a spring roundup for embroidery lovers! So here is a list of what's been inspiring me plus the tools and materials I've loved working with while embroidering these last couple months. 

1. Basic Grey Fresh Cut Ink Blue Mini Floral Blooms…. This print has been catching my eye for months (I work in a fabric boutique). I finally bought a fat quarter. You'll probably see it pop up in a project here on the blog. 

2. Magnetic needle case…I've been needing a new needle case to replace the impromptu one I made while studying at the Royal School of Needlework four years ago. This is my first magnetic case. It's easy to use, more secure and tidy than a normal needle case, and pretty. 

3. Bernina 350 Patchwork Edition Sewing Machine….I'm so excited about my very first sewing machine! I've sewn on this particular one at work and love it. I can't wait for it to arrive.

4. John James Gold Plated Cross Stitch Needles in size 24. I've heard these needles go through canvas very smoothly. But I really love them because they're gold. They do feel great while stitching as well.

5. Balcony Stitch is a needlepoint stitch I ran across while testing stitches for this piece. I loved it and used it in this DIY too. 

6. DMC 116. Last year I marched into Joann Fabrics with a large coupon and bought almost every color of DMC floss they had. This is the first one I've replaced. It's the perfect yellow green. 


What supplies and tools have you been enjoying? I'd love to hear…what new things should I try out?