My First Quilt

I recently finished my first quilt... It took me about eight years! 

When I was fifteen my Mom and I took a beginning quilt class from a small town shop. I remember the shop, picking out fabric, learning to piece, and coming out with a quilt top. Then I began to hand quilt. Every couple years I would pick it back up and do some more stitching. It’s not a large quilt but I knew if I wanted to use and enjoy my quilt in the next eight years I would need to complete it by machine. I felt a twinge of regret as I unpicked my hand quilting but it disappeared when I saw how much prettier the quilt was free motion quilted. I used a large floral pattern the book Free - Motion Quilting with  Angela Walters

The fabrics I chose then are probably not the fabrics I would choose today. But after eight years, I still like them. The quilt is a traditional log cabin quilt with traditional fabric. A big part of me loves the homey, prairie, old fashion look though. Or maybe it's just that I love anything made out of fabric and fiber.