Experimenting with Needlepoint

My neighbor, who happens to be an incredibly talented national needlepoint teacher, told me recently that the best way to learn and become familiar and comfortable with needlepoint stitches, is to stitch them for yourself. I’m working on a needlepoint project but have gotten sidetracked into making little samples… I love tools and supplies.

These samples are also great when picking out stitches for a project. It is hard to visualize a photograph or diagram of stitching within the final piece. Sample stitches will make that process a lot easier. 

I’ve cut the canvas to a trading card side so they’ll slip easily into card sheets and a binder. I’ll put the stitch information on a paper card and slip it in behind the sample.  

Finally, to finish my needlepoint experiment I’m using silk! At the Royal School of Needlework I was introduced to wool and stranded cotton. I’ve stuck to those to mediums ever since. This past week I’ve discovered that silk is amazing! It’s gorgeous, easy to stitch, and lays nicely. The green floss in the photograph is 100% silk. The purple floss is 50% wool and 50% silk. It’s equally lovely but isn’t so strikingly new to me as the green silk. I also bought a beautiful hand dyed stranded silk, and a 100% merino wool thread that I’ll be using in this piece. I let you know how that goes!