How To Embroider Curly Hair

How To Embroider Curly Hair

Today I'm going to walk you through how I embroider curly hair. Download the pattern for this little girl's face and hair here, or click on the pattern at the end of this post. I've also made up a stitch guide, you can download it here.
If you haven't learned how to stitch a Bullion Knot, or would like a refresh, then you can watch this video where I walk you through the process.  
If you already know how to make a Bullion, lets dive right in!

How To Hand Embroider Curly Hair
how to hand embroider curly hair

First off; the key to embroidering curls is remembering there is a head underneath. Curls lie against a rounded surface, so embroider with that in mind.  

1. After embroidering a face, mark the outline of the hair with small dots. You don't want to draw an actual line. If you do you'll have to cover that line, and it could end up looking unnatural.  
2. Decide where the Part Line will be positioned; to the left side, right side, or the center. Starting on either the left or right side of the head, begin stitching the Bullion Knot curls. They should fall to one side and originate at the Part Line. (See image above for a visual guide).  Once the curls reach the side of the head they will fall down towards the shoulders.
3. After stitching one side of the head move on to the opposite side, again the curls will fall from the part line.  
4. Don't forget the bangs! Stitch them falling to the front of the head or sweeping to the side. 
5. If you are stitching short hair add a cowlick; a single or several Bullion Knots sticking up from the Part Line at the back of the head. 
6. Fill in and adjust the silhouette of the head with French Knots. 

A few more tips:

  • You don't have to make these Bullion Knots perfect! Hair should look natural and organic, so don't worry about the wraps being just so.  
  • Vary the length of the knots. Shoot for short stubby curls and long skinny curls. 
  • Also vary the number of times you wrap the French Knots. This will give you slightly different size knots. 
  • Do not stitch the curls all going in the same direction. While they should originate from the part, don't make them parallel! 


                                              Click on the image to download the pattern!


                                          Click on the image to download the pattern!