You can find me by a campfire...

Camping Supplies

My family is big into camping. We became adventurous four years ago and since then we've roped in the rest of my extended family. Parents, grandparents, my siblings, three cousins, three uncles, two aunts, two dogs, and one cat. Heading up for a long weekend as I write. We craft, breath in the outdoors, and eat food. Good food. Our family gatherings are centered around food, it's just our family culture, and I've got a few amazing cooks for relatives.

I always bring too many supplies on camping trips. This one is no exception....

Magazine // an embroidery magazine for light reading and inspiration + notebooks for plans and jotting down ideas. Craftsy brainstorming is always a must when we get together with my aunts. 

Art supplies // journal, sketchbooks, new set of water colors. I just started a video class on the basics of water colors, I'm excited to try out my new skills....we'll see how it goes.
Plus my camera, as usual.

Embroidery project // I'm so looking forward to some carefree stitching and excited to share a few projects here, once they're out of my brain and onto the fabric.

Book // Anna Karenina.... I got a third of the way through before I chucked it across the room. My brainy older brother told me to stick with it and have faith in Levin even if ( as we all know ) Anna's story doesn't turn out well....I'll probably love it by the end. 

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!