Exciting News!

I am so excited to announce that Abigail Cecile is now independent!!!!! I will be carrying my own canvases and working directly with shops. Above all I can not wait to personally work, and be in touch with all the wonderful needlepoint shops and stitchers in this lovely community and the wider crafting world!

Thanks everyone!

Xo Abby

If you have any questions shoot me an email at abigail.cecile.t@gmail.com.  

The No Sew Tag

Tapestry (also called needlepoint) is such a fun and relaxing craft!… But what do you do with the project once it’s finished? I’ve come up with a simple, no sew way to turn your stitching into a cute tag. It would be darling tied to your purse or project bag. 

I’m using one of my Charted Tapestry kits which can be found in my online shop here. However, you could use any little needlepoint project. Just adjust the dimensions of the tag and cutout to fit your own stitched piece.


Finished charted tapestry/needlepoint

3 x 3.5 piece of leather

3 x 3.5 inch piece of fabric 

Heavy duty, double sided, iron on adhesive (I used Heat n Bond: Ultrahold) cut into two 3 x 3.5 inch pieces 

Leather strip about 12 inches long


Razor blade

Light marking pencil



Pinking shears

1. Iron the adhesive rectangles to the backside of the leather rectangle and fabric rectangle. NOTE: Read and follow the ironing instructions for the particular brand of fusible you are using.

2. With the marking pencil, draw a square just shy of 1.5 x 1.5 inches in the center bottom of the leather rectangle. Mark a straight line in the center top. Using a razor blade, cut out the square and line. Round the edges of the line if possible (this is pretty small and fussy, do your best but don’t sweat it).

3. Peel off the paper backing on the adhesive attached to the leather and fabric. Place your robin behind the leather, centering it in the square cutout. Place your fabric behind the leather and robin, creating a sandwich with the adhesive sides facing in. Holding your sandwich in place, iron until the fusible has set (I found it best to iron from the back (fabric) side as I didn’t want to damage the leather. However, I did iron the leather briefly on a lower setting to make sure the fusible had set all around. I recommend test ironing the leather beforehand).  NOTE: In the photo I’ve already pinked the edges of the fabric, ignore this as I found it much easier to do in the next step.  

4. Cut out the fabric in the top of your tag that is now covering the leather hole. Using pinking shears, cut all the way around your tag. Thread your leather tie though the hole, then knot. 

Enjoy your beautiful work!

Currently Autumn


My autumn kicked off two months ago when I flew to Dallas for my first trade show as a designer. It was an exhausting but rewarding experience. I learned so much from talking to shop owners and other designers. So much that, after flying home my design process shifted slightly.   

Designing my original portfolio was like throwing mud on a wall and seeing what stuck. In Dallas I saw and heard what designs you all like, and now I'm expanding on those things. I've taken my most popular compositions, color schemes, design content and explored them in multiple ways.

I've been painting A LOT of architecture. I can safely say the "Rooftops" series is the biggest stir any of my work has created. I've also taken my most popular color scheme (also my personal favorite) and reworked it for an autumn set. I shared a sneak peek on Instagram and got some wonderful feedback. I absolutely love the way black offsets other colors and makes them glow.

Currently Stitching

Abigail Cecile Needlepoint

I'm so close to finishing this ornament.  All that's left is Santa's sled runner and reins. The only thing holding me back is a trip to the store for metallic thread.

(This canvas is called Christmas Eve Town Ornament).

Currently Designing

Abigail Cecile Needlepoint
Abigail Cecile Needlepoint

This autumnal set (which I talked about above).

Currently stitching with...

Anne from Gloriana Threads let me pick out a skein of their new Pashmina while in Dallas. This cashmere (cashmere!!) silk blend is so incredibly soft. It looks soft and fluffy, yet shiny at the same time.

Pepper Pot silk has become a go to. I used it in the Christmas ornament above.

Fleur de Paris recently gave me a set of their new Bella Lusso wool colors. When I stitch with wool I want it to look full and warm. I've found using three strands on the 18 count canvas is perfect.  Plus, it is very soft to the touch making it wonderful to stitch.

Currently Reading

Because I spend so much time painting and stitching, I listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts. Tea and Tattle is a cute podcast written by two British girls. I listened to episode 40 "Eating with Queen Victoria". It's all about Queen Victoria's love of food - it pairs perfectly with needlepoint.


What are you working on, stitching with, and enjoying right now?